Roadworthy Certificate Canterbury

Roadworthy Certificate Canterbury


The Motor Store Service Centre

72-74 Railway Rd, Blackburn VIC 3130

Phone:(03) 9877 5500


The Motor Store Service Centre offer a comprehensive Roadworthy Certificate Inspection service from our fully equipped workshop

Based locally to Canterbury, we offer a fast, fair and flexible Roadworthy Certificate service and we are Canterbury’s specialist Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) providers.

The Motor Store Service Centre are Canterbury’s leading Licensed Vehicle Testers. We are authorised to issue Roadworthy Certificates by Vic Roads.

Roadworthy Certificate Canterbury – Based locally to Canterbury, we offer a fast, fair and flexible Roadworthy Certificate service.


Roadworthy Certificate Canterbury – The Motor Store Service Centre is conveniently located to Canterbury.  Our fully qualified motor mechanic technicians offer a comprehensive, fast and fair roadworthy certificate experience for your motor vehicle.


Roadworthy Certificate Canterbury – When do I need a Roadworthy Certificate?

Roadworthy Certificates are required by Vic Roads whenever a vehicle is transferred, bought or sold, or a Defect Notice is issued by police.


Roadworthy Certificate Canterbury – How long does the Roadworthy Certificate Test take?

Generally, the test takes approximately 90 minutes.  We are located close by to some excellent cafes, shopping, public transport and entertainment facilities.


Roadworthy Certificate Canterbury – What is tested on a Roadworthy Certificate Test?

A Roadworthy Certificate Test is a test of the vehicles critical safety systems.  This includes tyres, brakes, driver controls, suspension, interior, exterior, lights, indicators and safety systems such as ABS, Traction Control, Stability Control and other safety systems fitted to modern vehicles.


Roadworthy Certificate Canterbury – I have a crack on my windscreen.  Does this mean the car is not roadworthy?

Maybe.  Vic Roads regulations specify that the windscreen must be free of cracks, marks and scratches that are in the drivers vision and which could impair the drivers view through the windscreen.  At The Motor Store Service Centre, we only specify Windscreen replacement when it is absolutely required.


Roadworthy Certificate Canterbury – How long does a Roadworthy Certificate last for?

A Roadworthy Certificate is valid for 30 days from the date it is issued.  Outside of 30 days, the test must be completed again.



Roadworthy Certificate Canterbury – I have an oil leak.  How does this impact on the cars Roadworthy Certificate?

As a Roadworthy Certificate is essentially a safety check, an oil leak will only be relevant to a Roadworthy Certificate Inspection when oil is leaking on the ground or other components to such an extent that it poses a safety hazard.  While we always recommend that oil leaks are repaired, they have to be serious oil leaks before they impact on the vehicles roadworthiness.


Roadworthy Certificate Canterbury – I need a Roadworthy Certificate done urgently.  Can you help?

Of course we can.  We understand that life is busy and that your need people to fit into your hectic schedule.  Generally we can do a Roadworthy Certificate Inspection on the same day.  To make it easier, we have free loan cars, free pickup and delivery and we are very close to the Canterbury Railway Station. 


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